Lucha Underground Review 04/13/16 by Mark McAllen

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Taped in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California this is Lucha Underground for Season 2 – Episode 12.

Johnny Mundo, Taya & Cage have all been called to Dario Cueto’s office. Cueto tells them that he wants this year’s Trios Tournament to top last year’s. He wants to put the three of them together as one of his unlikely Trios teams. Thee three are hesitant at first since Mundo/Taya and Cage have been feuding for most of Season 2, but Cueto explains that the two men have something in common; a desire greater than their hatred for one another, and that’s to hold Lucha Underground gold. They’re agree, but Cage says that he doesn’t have to work with Mundo and Taya to win the tournament. He could do it himself.

Mexican rock band El Conjunto Nueva Ola kick off this week’s episode with their musical stylings as our commentators Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome us back to The Temple.

Killshot Argenis

Argenis vs. Killshot

Killshot quickly attacks Argenis with a running drop kick. Killshot connects with a backbreaker and goes for the cover, but Argenis kicks out at two. Argenis briefly gets control until Killshot kicks Argenis off the top turnbuckle out to the floor. Killshot then moonsaulted over the ropes, out onto Argenis. Very nice. He brings Argenis back in the ring and hits a stunner. He goes for the cover, but Argenis kicks out at two again. Killshot goes to the top rope, but Argenis runs up the turnbuckle and hits a top rope arm drag. He goes for the cover, but it’s not enough as this time Killshot kicks out at two. Killshot counters Argenis and nails him with a corkscrew brainbuster. Not going for the cover, Killshot goes to the top rope and hits a big double foot stomp. Killshot still doesn’t go for the cover, but drags his thumb across his neck signaling the end. He finally hits his Killshocked finishing move for the three count after 4 and a half minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Killshot

Evaluation: Solid opening match with some big spots. Killshot’s moonsault over the ropes and Killshocked finishing move were the highlights. It was pretty much an enhancement match for Killshot to go over and look good while doing it. Argenis isn’t really an active part of Lucha Underground and just comes in to job. He was a part of this season’s Aztec Warfare, but was eliminated in about a minute; so I was expecting for him to lose here. However, both men made the best out of this match and the time they were given.


Dragon Azteca Jr. confronts Black Lotus who’s outside Cueto’s office. Azteca asks her why she’s working for Cueto and she says how she would have been killed if she didn’t. Lotus reminds Azteca that Matanza killed their master El Dragon Azteca (even though it was actually Lotus who killed him) and that they’ll get their revenge… just not yet. Lotus: “He’s too powerful.” In the meantime, Lotus promises to stay close to Cueto.

Evaluation: Lotus was initially going to kill Matanza since he killed Lotus’ family. However, Cueto convinced Lotus that her mentor El Dragon Azteca was responsible for her family’s death. Therefore, she killed El Dragon Azteca. Is Azteca Jr. next on her radar? Azteca’s been snooping around since entering The Temple, so we shall see.

Cueto’s inside his office talking to Lucha Underground’s newest luchadore, Daga. Cueto describes Daga as one of the hottest new competitors the sport of Lucha Libre has ever seen. Daga: “Looks like a bunch of gold coins to me.” Cueto: “No… they’re medallions. Seven ancient Aztec medallions that when combined form the Gift of the Gods and a guaranteed Lucha Underground Championship match.” Cueto wants to make sure that the hype behind Daga is real, so he puts him in a match against Texano tonight to earn one of the seven medallions.

Evaluation: Fenix used his Gift of the Gods Title for a LU Championship match about a month ago, so it’s about time they started holding matches to see who’s next in line to hold the GOTG Title.

Daga vs. Texano (Winner earns one of the seven Aztec medallions)

Collar and elbow tie up that ends up in the ropes. While the referee breaks it up, Daga laces Texano with a slap across the face. The two go 110 miles per hour with reversals, neither of them getting an edge over the other. Daga kicks Texano in the gut and tries to knock him over with a shoulder block. However, Texano doesn’t budge and this time Texano gives Daga a hard slap across the face. After another quick series of reversals, Texano catches Daga with a kick to the head. He goes for the cover, but Daga kick out at two.

Texano traps Daga in the corner, but Daga fights out of it and hits Texano with a superkick. Texano then counters Daga and knocks him out of the ring. Texano slide out of the ring as Daga enters. When Texano tries to get back in the ring he’s met by Daga with a jumping enziguri kick knocking Texano to the floor. Daga hits a spinning corkscrew dive over the top rope and out onto Texano. Daga smashes Texano into the announce table before dragging him back into the ring. He goes for the cover, but Texano kicks out at two. Daga sits Texano down in the corner and hits him with a running dropkick. Another cover, but Texano kicks out at two again. Texano gets his whereabouts back as he trades blows with Daga and connects with a big superkick. Half dazed, Daga goes right back at Texano with a dropkick before falling to the floor himself from exhaustion.

Both men take their time getting to their feet, catching their breath in the process. Texano hits Daga with a big boot and a jumping leg lariat off the second turnbuckle. Texano covers Daga, but to no avail. He then goes for the powerbomb to finish off Daga, but Daga counters it into a rollup. Texano kicks out at two. This is awesome chants from the crowd. The two trade blows and reversals again until Daga catches Texano in an ankle lock submission. Texano counters the ankle lock with a roll through and monkey flip. He kicks Daga in the gut and looks for the powerbomb again. This time Texano connects with it. He covers Daga, one… two… three. Match went 7 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Texano

Evaluation: Wow, that was a very good match. Texano now holds the first of the seven ancient Aztec medallions Although it was only seven minutes long, it felt much longer. Probably because they were going at such a fast pace for most of the match. Now I don’t know much about Texano or Daga prior to Lucha Underground, but it seems like the two have tangled before in AAA. If so, it shows here as you can tell they have a lot of natural chemistry in the ring and know each other well. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve only seen some of the bigger matches from Season 1 of LU. All I was really going off of from Texano was his feud with Chavo Guerrero which I wasn’t a fan of. However, Texano showed me tonight that he can really go in the ring when it’s time, especially when he has the right opponent. Also, incredibly impressive debut from Daga. I like the way he wrestles. This match was so good that I don’t think this lose makes Daga look bad at all. Very fun match!


Mil Muertes is seen kneeling in a dark room. Catrina tells him that the Disciples of Death are here to beg for his forgiveness (since they lost the Trios Title’s to Son of Havoc, Ivelisse & Angelico). D.O.D. will be a part of the Trios Tournament to try and get their titles back. Catrina tells Muertes that the D.O.D. will win the Trios Titles again and that Muertes will be LU Champion again. She warns him though that Matanza is more devastating than anyone Muertes has faced before.

It’s main event time and is another first round matchup in the Trios Tournament. LU takes their final commercial break so tonight’s main event can go uninterrupted.


El Dragon Azteca Jr, Prince Puma & Rey Mysterio vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya & Cage

As they do every week, the El Rey Network’s YouTube channel uploaded this week’s main event in its entirety. You can watch the full match below.

Cage argues with Mundo and Taya as to who’s going to start this match. It’s going to be Cage and Azteca Jr. The crowd’s hot and making a lot of noise. The bell rings and we’re underway! Cage puts Azteca in a headlock. Azteca tries to throw Cage off of him, but it doesn’t work as Cage doesn’t loosen his grip. Cage throws Azteca to the floor. Azteca looks for a running dropkick, but Cage hardly budges. Azteca gets to the top rope and takes down Cage with a leaping arm drag. He tags in Puma who goes after Cage with a head scissors takedown. Mundo tags himself in. The two go back and forth with a series of reversals until Puma catches Mundo with a back handspring takedown. Puma looks to run the ropes, but Taya trips him up from the outside. As Puma is distracted, Mundo hits him with the Moonlight Drive. He goes for the cover, but Puma kicks out at two. Mundo tags in Taya and the two temporarily double team on Puma until the referee forces Mundo out. Taya distracts the ref while Mundo hits Puma with elbow to the back of the head and shoulders. Sitting against the ropes, Taya nails Puma with running knees to the face. She goes for the pin, but again Puma kicks out at two. Cage tags himself in and hits Puma with a sit down powerbomb into a pin attempt. Puma kicks out.

Cage then hits a very impressive standing moonsault on Puma. Another cover and another kick out from Puma. While Taya distracts the referee, Mundo tosses a steel chair into the ring for Cage to finish off Puma with. However, Cage throws the chair right back at Mundo. Mundo yells at him and Cage slaps Mundo across the face, essentially tagging him in. Puma makes the hot tag too Azteca Jr who hits Mundo with a hurricanrana into a rollup. Mundo kicks out at two. Taya gets in the ring to help Mundo, but Azteca fights the two of them off until he makes the tag to Mysterio. Rey trips up Mundo and Taya into the ropes. He goes for the 619 on the two of them, but Mundo and Taya roll out of the ring. However, right when they do so, they get caught with a suicide dive from Puma followed up by Azteca. Rey and Mundo get back in the ring and go at it. Taya teams up with Mundo and hits a Magic Killer double team neckbreaker on Mysterio. Mundo goes for the cover, but Puma breaks up the count. Cage gets in the ring and slams Mysterio to the mat. He heads for the top rope as Mundo interferes, getting to the top rope first. While the two are arguing. Puma kicks Cage into Mundo and throws Cage out of the ring. Puma (sitting on the top turnbuckle) has Mundo on his shoulders. Azteca then runs up the ropes and hurricanrana’s Mundo off Pumas shoulders! Wow! Puma follows it up with a 450 splash and the cover. One… two… no! Mundo kicks out! Awesome nearfall. Puma and Azteca are stunned.

Taya suplexes Azteca and hits him with a double stomp while he’s down. Taya accidently gets clotheslined in the corner by Cage. Rey tries to hurricanrana Cage, but is caught and Cage powerbombs Rey into the corner, right onto Taya. Ow! Puma looks for a flying crossbody, but Cage catches him. While Puma is on Cage’s shoulders, Azteca tries to crossbody Cage, but gets caught as well. Cage holds both men up and dumps them over his shoulders. Damn! impressive show of strength from Cage. This dude really is a machine.

Cage has Puma in position for Weapon X, but Puma fights out. Mundo looks for the save, but accidently kicks Cage. Cage gets fed up with Mundo and hits him with a big clothesline. Mysterio hits a moonsault on cage off the top rope. He then hits Mundo with a 619. Azteca and Mysterio then start taking out Cage, Mundo and Taya with some crazy moves and dives. The actions moving so fast the commentators aren’t even saying anything anymore except for yelling “wow.” Mundo is laid out in the ring by himself. Puma climbs to the top rope and hits his signature 630 splash. Puma goes for the cover. One… two… three! Match is over after about 14 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: El Dragon Azteca Jr, Prince Puma & Rey Mysterio

Evaluation: Holy mackerel. Loud “that was awesome” chants from the crowd after the match and I’ve got to agree. That was incredible. These Trios matches are so tough to do play by play for because the action is moving at a ridiculously fast pace almost the entire time. This one was probably the toughest Trios match yet to do play by play for but it was worth it. Such a great match. Definitely worth the hype surrounding the All-Star team of Azteca Jr, Puma & Mysterio. Terrific job from everyone involved as usual. Mysterio wasn’t in the match as much as Azteca and Puma were, but that’s okay. It’s expected since he’s older now and can’t keep up as long as everyone else. Still did tremendous in his part though. This the kind of match that makes you feel exhausted after just watching it.

Dario Cueto meets with Matanza who’s locked up in his cage like usual. He tells Matanza that he has a LU Title match against Mil Muertes next week. He tells Matanza that now that he’s embraced his destiny, nothing can stand in his way. Cueto: “You understand why you must stay here (locked in a cage) right? You are the most valuable thing in the world to me. And what do we do with our valuables? We lock them away, where no one can steal them. No one understands the beauty of your destruction like I do, my brother. So next week, make me proud and bring death to the dead.” Great speech from Cueto.

Game Ball goes to…

El Dragon Azteca Jr – Every single week this can go to multiple people. This week’s tougher than most. As much as I really liked Daga vs. Texano, this one came down to Azteca Jr, Mysterio & Puma (especially since they were on the winning side, not taking anything away from Cage, Mundo or Taya). Like I said above, Mysterio wasn’t in it as long as Azteca and Puma were, so he’s out. Azteca got the slight edge for me because I know what Puma can do. He’s awesome, but Azteca was still a bit of a wild card. He was great in Aztec Warfare, but I wanted to see how he would fare in another match. He was able to not only hang with but stay on the same level as Puma and Mundo. So for that he gets the game ball.

Final Thoughts

– Excellent episode of Lucha Underground. Two matches that I enjoyed very match as well as a solid opening match. Aside from the first match of the night (which usually never gets over 5 minutes), the other two matches got a good amount of time to work.

– Impressive LU debut from Daga. Him and Texano really did an excellent job. I’d like to see a program between these two men continue even though Texano will be moving on to try and win the Gift of the Gods Title.

– After Daga vs. Texano finished, I almost said “well it’ll be tough for anything else to try and top that tonight.” However, I quickly caught myself once I realized the big star studded Trios match was still to come and it most certainly did not disappoint. If you’ve got the time and haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend checking it out. I included the full match in the video above.

– I miss King Cuerno, it’s been a few weeks. I also feel like I haven’t seen Jack Evans, Drago & PJ Black in forever. I was really getting into their rivalry. I know it’s tough to get everyone on the show since it is only an hour long, but it’s important not to leave these guys off TV for too long or else people will stop caring and forget what they were up to last.

– Trios Tournament, Gift of the Gods tournament, and Muertes vs. Matanza next week for the LU Title. Things are very exciting in LU right now!


That’s it for me. Thanks for reading. If you like Lucha Underground and have other friends who enjoy the show too, then give this review a share. I appreciate any thoughts or conversation in the comment section below.

Pictures used above are courtesy of Lucha Underground.