It’s time for the next fan vote in our 10th annual 2018 WWE Johnny Awards and this time the category is for Best Talker (Promos).

To be given to the best person at delivering promos. Past winners – 2017: The Miz, 2016: Chris Jericho, 2015: Paul Heyman, 2014: Paul Heyman, 2013: Paul Heyman, 2012: CM Punk, 2011: CM Punk, 2010 winner: CM Punk, 2009 winner: Chris Jericho

As you can see above, Paul Heyman is a three-time winner of this award, so is CM Punk (remember him?) while Chris Jericho has won it twice and The Miz won it last year. Two of the names on there are up for nominees in the fan vote as you can see below.

The order below means nothing. It is random and is no indication of who I am going to pick. If you ask me who I pick on here or on social media, I’m not going to tell you. Sorry, but that’s only going to be revealed in my Johnny Awards 2018 column on December 27. Cheap plug…except it’s not cheap. It’s just a plug. Anyway, let’s get to the nominees.

Daniel Bryan – The return of Daniel Bryan was a big story this year, so you can consider him for his role as GM of Smackdown to start the year, a face dealing with several rivals and then his heel turn to end the year as WWE Champion. Bryan has developed into a great talker.

Paul Heyman – A former 3-time winner of this award, Heyman is a great talker and one of the best ever. The only problem is he’s not on the show every week or even half of the year, so that plays a factor with some voters.

Samoa Joe – One of the best true heel promos in the business, Joe has had a lot of promo time on Smackdown this time. He’s one of the better ones.

Becky Lynch – I think it’s fair to say that nobody would have expected her on this list of nominees a year ago, but Lynch has emerged as the Smackdown Women’s Champion known as “The Man” and a tremendous all-around talent. She’s made the most of her promo time.

Tommaso Ciampa – The current NXT Champion may not get as much promo time as the superstars on Raw or Smackdown, but when he does, he makes the most of that time.

Velveteen Dream – A rising star in all aspects of the business, Dream is getting over because of his improved work in the ring and also the way he delivers his unique promos.

AJ Styles – I think Styles is an underrated talker because his work in the ring is so good that people sometimes forget that he’s consistently solid at promos. As WWE Champion for most of the year, he got a lot of promo time.

The Miz – Last year’s winner and the host of “Miz TV” gets to talk as much as anybody on WWE TV, even on the shorter Smackdown show. When he was on Raw, he got even more time. Miz is a true heel that finds a way to keep things entertaining.

Kevin Owens – The great Kevin Owens is out after double knee surgery, but he still put in about eight months of quality work this year including several memorable promos. He is consistently one of the best talkers in WWE.

Alexa Bliss – The former Raw Women’s Champion gets to talk more than any woman on Raw and it’s because she’s great at it. Whether she’s being mean, sassy or funny, the “Goddess” knows how to handle the crowd. Nobody deals with the “WHAT?” chants better than her!

There’s also an “Other” option if you pick somebody not mentioned above.

Best Talker (Promos)

Daniel Bryan
Paul Heyman
Samoa Joe
Becky Lynch
Tommaso Ciampa
Velveteen Dream
AJ Styles
The Miz
Kevin Owens
Alexa Bliss
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