Zelina Vega Explains What’s Great About Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey backstage

Although they haven’t shared a ring to this point, Zelina Vega has plenty of reasons why she’s a fan of Ronda Rousey.

After making the transition from UFC to being a professional wrestler, Ronda Rousey has drawn criticism from areas of the crowd for her attitude towards the business. One of the most prominent of these was when she mentioned wrestling being fake in the build-up to her WrestleMania 35 match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Having returned from a hiatus at the start of 2022, these criticisms have still continued to come, whilst there is also plenty of praise for her ability.

These plaudits are echoed by Zelina Vega who, in a discussion on the That’s Dope! Podcast, went in to detail with some of the reasons why the SmackDown Women’s Champion is so good.

I absolutely love Ronda. Here’s the thing, she wasn’t just some bozo off the street who decided to do this on a Tuesday. She was one of the absolute best (in MMA). If she made that career change to go to WWE, that brings in her fans, that mixes our fans with hers, and it’s something people don’t get to see, usually.

The people who get mad that Ronda is there are the people who are upset that they’re not getting that opportunity. To me, she’s been nothing but sweet, she’s been nothing but respectful, she puts in the work, and she’s a gamer and I love that. She’s super sweet and super cool.

When it comes to people who are not stoked that she’s there, I give her credit because not only does she get shit from fans of UFC, but she always gets shit from wrestling fans, and she says, ‘Screw it, I’m going to do this and have fun doing it.’ Ultimately, it’s her life and I hate that people get so [angry], ‘I hate that she’s there and shitting on the business.’ Regardless, she is bringing money. Can you?

Zelina Vega continued, explaining that she feels it’s “tit for tat” and that those who step in the ring with ‘The Baddest Woman On The Planet’ give as good as they get.

I’ve never been in the ring with her in the sense that I’ve taken any moves from her, so I can’t say if she’s rough or not. However, she does have a background in UFC, what’s rough to her…and vice versa, I do think that the girls like to match it. Anybody I’ve seen her in the ring with, if she’s done something to them and there might be a little ‘oomph,’ they match it. It’s tit for tat.

I’ve never been in the ring with her, so I can’t say, but I will say, if they have gotten hurt or something has happened, I can’t see it being on purpose. I can’t see it from Ronda. She’s too good of a person, that I’ve gotten to know, that I don’t see her being malicious, I don’t see her trying to take shit out on people or specifically trying to hurt people for any reason. Everyone has their own personal relationships with people, but I love that she’s with us.

Having made her return to WWE, Zelina Vega is now aligned with Legado Del Fantasma on SmackDown.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.