The Young Bucks Are “Scared Sh*tless” Of CM Punk Says Jim Cornette

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Jim Cornette made the bold claim that all the recent drama between the CM Punk camp and the Young Bucks & their allies is because of fear.

Stories and rumors about alleged disagreement between Punk and the Bucks go as far back as All Out 2022. These issues appear to be still unresolved as of this writing, especially with recent reports surrounding Punk’s close friend Ace Steel and his role with AEW.

Cornette’s interpretation of events suggests that Tony Khan promised CM Punk one thing surrounding Ace Steel but then someone made a stink about that promise and Khan changed the details of his promise to Punk, which caused Punk to become upset.

And in an interview with Inside The Ropes, Jim Cornette theorized that the Bucks’ behavior stems from the fact that they’re “scared s**tless” of CM Punk.

“Well, yeah, and the reason for that is on television, they can say, well, we were playing the heels. But in the locker room, they’re scared sh*tless of him and don’t want him anywhere around because he beat the sh*t out of them.

That’s the difference, that’s the difference in this and the previous era of the wrestling business is that even if a guy lost a fight, he wasn’t scared to be around the f*cking guy. He just got p*ssed off about it and either left the territory or sucked it up and lived with it, but nobody was scared. And they’re scared.”