Young Bucks AEW Segment Slammed By Dave Meltzer

The Young Bucks AEW

Darby Allin confronted The Young Bucks after a brutal beating by them on AEW Dynamite but the whole segment left Dave Meltzer confused after it led to chants for Cody Rhodes.

Sting and Darby Allin captured the AEW Tag Team Championship from Big Bill and Ricky Starks as The Icon looks to bring down the curtain on his career with gold around his waist.

Their title celebrations were cut short, however, as The Young Bucks assaulted the pair with baseball bats as well as taking out Sting’s own sons.

On Dynamite in Cedar Park, Texas, Darby Allin confronted The Bucks and confirmed the final match in Sting’s career as Allin and Sting will face The Young Bucks at Revolution in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Young Bucks Segment Panned By Dave Meltzer

However, the build-up to one of AEW’s most historic matches left Dave Meltzer confused as Darby Allin borrowed some criticisms leveled at The Young Bucks from Jim Cornette of all people and Allin also managed to get AEW fans chanting for WWE’s Cody Rhodes.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained his confusion at the segment and said all it did was make frequent AEW and Young Bucks critic Jim Cornette and WWE star Cody Rhodes look good:

I thought that Darby Allin interview was so counter-productive. They ended the show last week with a hot angle. He comes back and they have his blood all over their jackets, he never brings it up. They beat up Sting’s sons with a baseball bat, he never brings it up. They beat up him and Sting with a baseball bat, bloodied him up, he never brings it up.

Basically his interview was to get over Cody Rhodes, the biggest star in WWE or the biggest babyface [in WWE].

It was so Russo, you know what I mean? Even using the Cornette vernacular. So they’re trying to make Cornette into the baby face when all he’s done is shi*t on that product.

I mean, it’s great for Cornette. But what the hell are you doing with this, you know, All Friends Wrestling? It’s like, what’s that supposed to mean? And going like you guys didn’t want me, you wanted Brandon Cutler, your buddy and it was a different EVP that brought me in, and it’s not Kenny Omega. So they all start chanting Cody, what?

Why did they even shoot that angle? Tell me, why did they shoot the angle if you’re gonna ignore it next week? They made no mention of it in the whole interview.

Cody Rhodes had previously been an AEW EVP and was believed to be the one who pushed for the company to sign Darby Allin originally. Rhodes gave Allin his first-ever match in AEW when the two stars went to a time-limit draw at Fyter Fest in 2019.

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