X-Pac Reacts To Comparisons Between 1-2-3 Kid’s First Win & Chris Jericho Dynamite Loss

Sean Waltman AKA X-Pac

The events in Chris Jericho’s match on this week’s episode of Dynamite have brought back images from X-Pac’s past.

On the December 14th episode of AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho suffered an upset loss against a newcomer named Action Andretti. At first, the crowd was behind this new guy and even chanted ‘let’s go jobber’ at him expecting him to lose. Even as Jericho hit more and more moves and maintained control, the crowd was still behind Andretti.

Then Andretti began a sustained comeback and hit a long chain of big moves that got a huge reaction from the crowd. When all was said and done, Andretti hit a standing shooting star splash to win the match.

As soon as it happened, fans started comparing Andretti’s win to the X-Pac-Razor situation from decades earlier when Sean ‘1-2-3 Kid’ Waltman pinned Razor Ramon in a similarly-stunning upset.

But to make sure such comparisons would be fully accurate, X-Pac took to Twitter to make a key distinction between his famous match and this one.

“I just got the shit beat out of me by Scott, before he charged the corner, I moved & hit the moonsault body block. I got zero offense in before that. Chris had a competitive match with Andretti before putting him over.”

This marks Jericho’s second loss this week as Claudio Castagnoli beat him to regain the ROH World Championship this past weekend at Final Battle 2022.