WWE’s Randy Orton Unimpressed By Hilariously Botched RKO

Randy Orton

Randy Orton has given his bewildered response after one WWE star attempted to turn the tables and RKO The Viper in what turned out to be a stupid, stupid, stupid decision.

On the June 14th episode of SmackDown, Randy Orton made his return to the Blue brand, coming to the aid of Kevin Owens who was being attacked by The Bloodline. The appearance by Orton was his first on WWE television since being defeated by Gunther at King & Queen of the Ring.

However, it seems Orton narrowly avoided disaster before the show went on the air.

In a new video posted on social media, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are seen talking about The Viper, who Ciampa calls “stupid.” He then decides, for reasons known only to himself, to try and hit Orton with an RKO he’ll never see coming. Except, things didn’t quite go to plan.

Randy Orton Not Impressed By RKO Attempt

Ciampa launched himself at Orton from behind with the master of the RKO simply walking out of the way while seemingly talking on the phone seemingly none the wiser at what had just happened. Now Orton has taken to social media to give his own one-word response to the antics as he simply wrote “Bruh.”

Randy Orton might have unwittingly given away how his rival WWE stars can escape the RKO in the future but his dodging of the move would surely have made ‘master of the walk away’ Samoa Joe proud.