What Does WWE’s Bruce Prichard Think He’s The Absolute Worst At

Bruce Prichard WWE

Bruce Prichard is not a universally loved figure in the pro wrestling world and now the WWE executive has admitted he knows there’s one thing he can’t do.

Bruce Prichard was long seen as the right-hand man behind the scenes in WWE although that wasn’t always – if ever – discussed in positive terms. The reality though is Prichard has had a long and varied career in the wrestling business where in front of the camera he is best known as the outrageous Brother Love.

In one crossover that couldn’t be any more nineties if it had a Tamagotchi pet dying on it, WWE met Boy Meets World for several episodes of its run as WWE Hall of Famer Vader had a recurring role on the show.

That led to wrestling action being seen on Boy Meets World as, along with Vader, Jake Roberts, Mick Foley, and Bruce Prichard – as Brother Love – appeared. While the WWE stars mixed it up in the ring in front of Cory and Shawn, Prichard provided the ring announcements and commentary – something he readily admits does not play to his strengths.

Bruce Prichard “Probably The Worst Commentator On God’s Green Earth”

Speaking on the Pod Meets World podcast, Bruce Prichard discussed his experience on Boy Meets World and knows his commentary skills leave a lot to be desired:

I will say this. I’ve done a lot of things in the business and of the things that I’ve done, I am probably the worst play-by-play commentator on the face of God’s green Earth…

Prichard continued to discuss his experiences working with Boy Meets World and revealed WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts was growing more incensed by the second at having to film things over and over again:

Jake was p*ssed. Jake’s looking at me in the ring like, ‘What are we doing here? You gonna wrap this up? Let’s go, man, I’m done.’ We would have but it’s a different animal. It’s a completely different animal. You guys are hitting your marks. You guys have lines that you got to get through and that you’ve got to nail. That affects everything you do. We can improvise.

Bruce Prichard made an impromptu appearance at the end of WrestleMania 40 as Cody Rhodes called him to the ring along with Triple H after Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns to win the first WWE Championship of his career.