WWE’s Bruce Prichard Blasts Dark Side Of The Ring

Bruce Prichard WWE

Bruce Prichard is not a fan of Dark Side of the Ring.

The documentary series Dark Side of the Ring has granted fans a peek behind the curtain to the underbelly of the wrestling business. Focussing on some of the more tragic stories from wrestling history, the documentary series which recently aired the final episode of its fourth season has looked at subjects ranging from the death of Owen Hart, Collision in Korea, the Brawl for All, the Montreal Screwjob, the Von Erichs, and the Chris Benoit murder-suicide.

“They just dwell on negativity and lies” – Bruce Prichard

Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, WWE executive Bruce Prichard explained why he wants nothing more to do with the Dark Side of the Ring series despite appearing as a contributor in the first season:

“I can’t watch those things. I think that they just dwell on negativity and lies and bullsh*t and hearsay and they exploit that and so much of it is based on, you know, the rumor and innuendo and just complete 100% bullsh*t.”

“The producers do their homework to the extent that satisfies them. When you dispute their homework and give them facts that don’t support their story and their narrative, they choose to ignore it and that is why I have not done anything since the first ones that I did for the first season and I will never do anything with them again because I do not like the way that they present stories because they’re only looking for negativity to exploit, and in my old age, I learn there’s a lot more than negativity.

“Why not exploit some positive messages and some good sh*t? You know what it should be called? The Lies of the Ring because a lot of what they present as fact are 100% bullsh*t unsubstantiated lies, and when given facts, they choose to ignore them.”

The first season of Dark Side of the Ring began airing in April 2019 meaning production will have been completed long before that date. Bruce Prichard returned to WWE as an executive in February 2019 after eleven years away from the company.