WWE’s Booker T No Fan Of AEW Star’s Finisher

Booker T

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has had his say on one AEW star’s finishing move as he urges caution and today’s wrestlers to take fewer risks.

There is never any shortage of wild action in AEW and perhaps the best-known purveyor of dangerous antics is former TNT and AEW Tag Team Champion Darby Allin.

Allin has impressed and terrified in equal measure with his exploits in the ring but it seems he’s intent on continuing his death-defying ways, even if WWE veteran Booker T has urged him otherwise.

Booker T Asks Darby Allin To Tone Things Down

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, NXT announcer Booker T revealed what he thought when he first saw Darby Allin hit a Coffin Drop long before his time in AEW and says he’s still trying to encourage the star to take less risks:

I worry, I really do. I worry about the young guys these days. Let’s say, for instance, a Darby Allin… The first time I saw him in Northeast Championship Wrestling before he ever got signed and he did the Coffin Drop that night, I go, ‘Man, what is wrong with this kid?

Not too long ago I was at a convention and I saw him…and I looked down and he had a big boot on his leg, and having a boot on his leg, that made him miss going to climb Mount Everest. So he’s crazy. I said ‘So you gonna tone it down a little bit?’ He goes ‘Ah man you know me.’ I can only imagine how these guys are gonna feel when they get to my age.

Booker T continued by discussing his general concerns over younger wrestling stars and cautions them that one day they’re going to wake up in a lot of pain:

I don’t know if they’re thinking about feeling, maybe it’s one of those things where they think ‘I’m gonna burn the candle at both ends and when it’s over with, it’s over with.’ I know a lot of times you feel that way when you’re in the moment but when you finally get there and you wake up and you go ‘Argh man that hurt,’ you go ‘Man I wish I wouldn’t have done that.

So I’m wary about the young guys as far as the approach that they take when they go out and perform these days because they can still get the same reactions, they can still get the same feelings, sometimes even more, so I just wanna caution the young guys.

Darby Allin will put the anarchy into Anarchy In The Arena at Double Or Nothing as he replaces Eddie Kingston on Team AEW to face The Elite. Eddie Kingston has suffered a serious injury that could see him out of action until 2025.

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