WWE’s Asuka On Road To Recovery After Surgery

Asuka WWE

Asuka has given the latest update on her condition as she underwent surgery to try and solve the knee issue that is keeping her out of the WWE ring.

Asuka was last in action at Backlash France where she and Kairi Sane lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship to Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill. That win saw Jade Cargill pick up the first gold in her WWE career.

On her YouTube channel in May, Asuka released a video where she wrote a message to fans confirming her knee injury:

After the Backlash of my European tour, I had to take a break to treat my knee that I had been hurting for a while. My partners Kairi and Dakota helped me a lot during this tour as I could not move at my best. I am very grateful to both of them.

Asuka’s Surgery Proves Successful

Now the Japanese star has released a new video where she has given the latest update on her condition as she underwent surgery. Asuka is seen travelling to Birmingham, Alabama where she underwent an operation which she noted took “about an hour and a half” and proved to be successful.

A caption on the video noted that she was discharged from the hospital the next day and that “My knee hurts, but I can take painkillers and I’m fine.” She is then seen travelling with another caption noting that she’s on her way to a rehab centre to continue her recovery.