WWE Writer Was Fired After Criticizing How The Company Was Run

Vince McMahon WWE

Former WWE star John Morrison has revealed that a former writer with the company lasted a matter of weeks as they kept pointing out problems with how the company was run.

WWE has long been known to be a company like no other with a turnover of employees that has always raised eyebrows despite being part of the entertainment business. And it appears like pointing out the obvious is something that means you won’t last long in the company.

Speaking on The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish, John Morrison explained how a friend of his only lasted a few weeks as a writer in the company as they couldn’t stop pointing out problems with how the company was run:

“There’s a buddy of mine, ended up getting hired as a writer and he kept pointing out to me all the things that were wrong with the storytelling and how WWE was run. I told him for a couple of months, ‘Everyone is aware. All the other writers know this and Vince and the whole office, they know this. I promise you, if you say all these things, you’re gonna last less than a month.’”

“Guess how long he lasted? Three weeks. So he moved to Connecticut and he’s a smart guy and a good writer. He wrote movies and TV. It’s just like what we’re talking about. We see the problems and then you have the choice. You can’t just speak up because that doesn’t solve or fix or change anything. They just fire you.”

The future of how WWE is going to be run is the subject of a lot of speculation as the takeover by Endeavor grows ever closer to completion with many wondering if Vince McMahon will assume full creative control again once the new structure is in place.

h/t POST Wrestling