WWE Writer Shares What Bray Wyatt Wanted Out Of Return Promo

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A WWE writer who worked closely with Bray Wyatt shared what Bray wanted to convey in his return promo in October 2022.

The shocking death of WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt at 36 years old has saddened the wrestling world. Many people are reflecting on what Bray meant to them whether they were just fans of the man or if they knew him well.

Bray Wyatt had a long run with WWE starting back in 2009 until he was released shockingly in the summer of 2021. Over a year later, he was hired back by Triple H after he took over as the WWE Chief Content Officer.

A current WWE writer named Rob Fee, who worked closely with Bray in the videos building up his return at Extreme Rules last October has shared some thoughts on Bray while also reflecting on Bray’s first promo after coming back to WWE.

From our review of that Smackdown episode October 14, 2022 episode of Smackdown, here’s our summary of that Bray Wyatt promo.

Bray looked emotional, almost like he had tears in his eyes due to the emotion of the moment. Bray said he was incredibly grateful, he was nervous and he is being himself for the first time. Bray said that this is genuinely him. Wyatt said that this past year in his life, he lost a lot of things, he lost his career, he lost his self-confidence and he lost two people who were very close to him. One of them was Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) for sure. Wyatt said that he thought what he did was meaningless and none of this mattered to anyone, but he said he was wrong. Wyatt said when he was done feeling for himself, he said he would see people asking when he would come home. Wyatt talked about how he would see people who came to him and say to him that they were in a time of need, they felt weak, they felt vulnerable and in this weakened state, they found Bray’s words and they would thank Bray for saving their life. Bray said he didn’t think about stuff like that as the fans chanted “thank you Bray” for him. Bray said he could look us in the eyes saying we were there when he was weak, vulnerable and down while saying that “you” (the fans) saved his life. Wyatt said that you are the reason…and the lights went out.

There was a masked figure that appeared on the screen telling Wyatt to come with him. He said you have no idea who you’re dealing with, but you will. There was laughter, he said “you will” and that was it. That Wyatt logo appeared again. End show.

The ending was the start of the “Uncle Howdy” character that was portrayed by Bray’s brother Bo Dallas although that was never revealed on television.

Rob Fee Says Bray Wyatt Wanted Return Promo To Be Unlike Anything He Had Ever Done Before

If that Bray Wyatt promo felt different from what he normally did, it’s because that is what Bray wanted. Here’s what WWE writer Rob Fee wrote about his friend Bray.

“I was thinking about Bray’s first promo after his return and how he wanted it to be unlike anything he had done before. He wanted it to be Windham. All of it was true. He was nervous. He didn’t want to disappoint. But more than anything he was so excited to be back with his friends to do what he loved.”

“He was always creating. He loved calling and talking for hours about obscure 90s made for TV horror movies or YouTube videos with 400 views that inspired him. He loved that ‘cover! spear! bray wins!’ is a meme. He loved giving the fans pieces of a puzzle and joyfully watching as they assembled it. He truly loved that you all loved him.”

“I feel so lucky to have known him. I will miss my friend very much. I don’t think I’ll every fully comprehend that he’s gone. I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I love you, hoot.”