WWE Working On New Show For USA Network

wwe raw usa network

There is a new WWE program coming to USA Network that will target a younger audience.

Currently, USA Network is the home to WWE’s Monday Night Raw for three hours and NXT on Tuesdays for two hours. They used to have Smackdown as well before it moved to Fox in October 2019.

The World Wrestling Entertainment product since 2008 (going on 15 years now) has also been PG, which means it’s a family-friendly product. That’s different than what it was like through the 1990s into the first seven years of the 2000s as well.

While there are some fans out there clamoring for the product to become edgier in terms of match types, allowing blood or adding more violence to the matches, it might not happen any time soon since the company attracts more mainstream sponsors to the World Wrestling Entertainment product.

It is worth noting also that WWE CEO Nick Khan recently said that NBCU, which owns USA Network, may be willing to allow blood in the third hour of Raw

According to WrestleVotes, the new show will be called WWE Tall vs. Small to represent superstars working with kids in a trivia show.

“I’m hearing there is a new joint show in the works between WWE & USA Network where kids will compete with Superstars in a trivia challenge, currently titled ‘WWE Tall vs Small’.”

There’s no word on when World Wrestling Entertainment plans to start taping this show or when it might debut on television. The company’s TV deal with USA Network to air Raw expires in October 2024 with renegotiations expected to begin soon if they have not already started.