WWE Unhappy About “Nuisance” Behaviour Of Fans

John Cena with WWE fans

A new report has claimed that WWE is growing increasingly unhappy over what is described as the “nuisance” behaviour of some fans who seek out stars at hotels and airports.

WWE Superstars travel the length and breadth of the United States on a weekly basis putting on live events as well as appearing on Raw and SmackDown and that means a lot of time on the move, in hotels, and airports.

While coming across your favourite WWE star in the wild might be a big deal and the opportune time to ask for a selfie, there are those that appear to be using their interactions to make money.

Videos of wrestling stars being confronted by fans waiting at airports with a mountain of stuff for them to sign have become commonplace and after one particular video of Rey Mysterio surfaced, WWE has had enough.

PWInsider has reported that the company’s attitude towards those waiting to pounce to have lots of things signed – presumably that are then sold on – is that they are a nuisance. Many talents in WWE were said to be upset when the footage of Rey Mysterio refusing to sign several items at 5 am in an airport came to light given how good Mysterio is with fans, especially kids with who he is frequently seen sharing his inspirational words of encouragement with on the way to the ring.

Mysterio was seen in another video where someone tried to apologise to him growing frustrated when he realised that he was being filmed.

The incident kicked off a wider discussion within the company, the report says, especially in regard to female talents who have on occasion been followed after getting in their cars. WWE is said to be unhappy about the situation and several stars have told fans waiting on them at airports and hotels that they are unable to sign multiple items although no official direction has been given.