WWE TV Rights Could Be Aligned With UFC

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WWE and UFC could offer a combined media rights deal in the near future.

WWE and UFC are now under the umbrella of TKO Group following the completion of the Endeavor takeover of the sports entertainment giant on September 12th. Suggestions have already been made as to how the two industry-leading brands could co-exist with Nick Khan touting possible “all-star TKO weekends” in the years to come. But something more immediate could also be in the works.

Speaking to Sports Business Journal, TKO Group President & COO Mark Shapiro suggested that both WWE’s and UFC’s media rights could be tied together for a short-term deal:

“There could be a short-term deal we do just to align the two. It all depends on market dynamics and right now, time is on our side. We’re not rushing to do a deal”

WWE is currently looking for a new rights deal for Raw, NXT, and SmackDown with the prevailing belief being that the blue brand won’t remain with FOX following the end of its deal with the network. Instead, two other companies could be leading the charge for the Friday night show.

What other changes have there been in WWE since the takeover?

No on-screen changes have yet happened since the takeover was completed but behind the scenes, WWE’s staff has been decimated.

In the days that followed the takeover, over 100 hundred employees were laid off as part of expected downsizing due to the merger and formation of TKO Group.