WWE Trademarks Interesting Term Related To The Bloodline

roman reigns hug solo sikoa wwe

A new phrase was trademarked by WWE following a particular promo that took place involving The Bloodline on SmackDown.

The return of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns took place on WWE SmackDown in Green Bay. It was Reigns’ first appearance in about a month and a half. Reigns has held the Universal Champion for over 1200 days.

During the promo that Reigns delivered on Smackdown, he said it was promotion season. Reigns spoke about how when somebody is doing good, they let them know and if they are doing bad then they smash that person. Reigns said that this man understands what it means to keep this family at the top of the mountain.

Reigns talked about how if something happened to him, this is the man who is next in line. What was funny is that in the background, Jimmy Uso thought that Reigns was talking about him. Reigns said that this is the next Tribal Heir, the next Tribal Chief and he told Jimmy to congratulate Jimmy’s brother…Solo Sikoa. At that point, Reigns hugged Solo. Reigns told Solo he loved him.

It was reported by PWInsider that WWE trademarked the term “Tribal Heir.” That’s the term that Reigns used to call Solo as the next Tribal Chief whenever Reigns steps away. The phrase “Tribal Heir” was trademarked for Entertainment Services with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

What Else Happened To The Bloodline On WWE SmackDown?

In the main event of SmackDown, Randy Orton beat Jimmy Uso in singles action. After the match, The Bloodline’s Reigns, Solo & Jimmy went after Orton, but LA Knight made the save. That lasted a bit until The Bloodline overwhelmed the babyfaces in a 3-on-2 setting.

That led to AJ Styles making his return after three months away. Styles helped Orton & Knight clear the ring.

Just when it appeared as though Styles was on the same page as Orton and Knight, AJ decked Knight with a clothesline. The show ended there.

The December 22nd episode of SmackDown was already taped after this week’s show, so check those out if you want to find out what happens next week.