WWE To Hold “All Hands On Deck” Staff Meeting

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Morale continues to be tense within WWE as another major meeting is slated for Tuesday September 19th.

Following the historic merger into the new RKO Group entity, massive layoffs were expected and then took place on Friday with as many as 100 people across various divisions having been terminated.

Initial reports noted that most of those jobs were in office jobs not immediately related to either the MMA product or WWE’s wrestling product. However, that could change come Tuesday when WWE holds a critical staff meeting.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, those working at WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut will deal with the fallout of this first round of firings when Mick Khan holds a mandatory all hands on deck meeting with the entirety of that building’s staff on September 19th.

WWE staff wondering how things would’ve been under Stephanie McMahon

While some of the remaining WWE staff noted that these cuts were expected given the merger, others believed Stephanie McMahon would’ve managed things differently if she was still in a position of influence in the company.

According to those willing to speak with PWInsider, it’s believed that Stephanie McMahon had a different approach when it came to managing morale at the company’s HQ and tried to instill pride in those that worked there.

And while it’s highly unlikely that she would’ve or could’ve prevented the sale, a common sentiment among remaining staff is how much she is missed in the building.

In terms of who was actually let go, Johnson further notes that, between the UFC side and the WWE side, it’s more likely that terminations come from the latter side since it’s the minority entity.

Since the UFC side has 51% of the stake and control, they are more likely to eliminate positions on the acquired company’s side than on their own.