WWE Tease Big Changes For One Top Faction

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One WWE faction could be heading for a change.

Since IYO SKY lost the WWE Women’s Championship to Bayley at WrestleMania 40, she has become increasingly unhinged on Raw, throwing multiple tantrums over the past few weeks. On the June 10th edition of the show, the Damage CTRL faced Lyra Valkyria in a rematch from the Queen of the Ring tournament where Valkyria scored a shock win over SKY.

SKY got revenge on the former NXT Women’s Champion when she defeated her on the show. However, the win wasn’t enough as she ran back to the ring to inflict more damage on Valkyria before eventually being driven off by Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

Later, SKY was shown having a meltdown backstage and screamed that Damage CTRL “has to change.” She then stormed off leaving her teammates looking concerned and confused.

IYO SKY To Compete For New Japanese Promotion

On June 11th, IYO SKY made a shock appearance on Marigold’s Grand Opening Wars show via video. The star challenged Utami Hayashishita to a first-time bout at their Summer Destiny event on July 13th at Ryogoku Sumo Hall. Not only will the dream match be the first time the two stars have faced each other, but SKY has promised it will be the only time they meet.

The bout will be the first time SKY has wrestled for a Japanese promotion since 2018. Before joining WWE full-time, her last match saw her team up with Mayu Iwatani in STARDOM to defeat the Oedo Tai team of Hazuki and Kagetsu.