WWE Talent Hoping Vince McMahon Stays Out Of Creative Process

Vince McMahon with moustache

There are some wrestlers in WWE hoping that Vince McMahon doesn’t get involved in the creative process.

It’s been a very newsworthy week with Endeavor making their WWE acquisition official. That means that WWE and the UFC are together as a company called TKO with an estimated value of $21 billion combined.

From a creative standpoint, Paul “Triple H” Levesque is WWE’s Chief Content Officer, but Vince McMahon is still the Executive Chairman of the TKO company and can make changes, just like he did for this past Monday’s Raw.

Some WWE talent wants Vince McMahon to stay out of the creative process

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer, it was reported that some talent in WWE want Vince to stay out of the way so that Triple H could keep running the show.

“Talent noted to us that Levesque had been in charge of creative and they hoped with the new company that Vince would stay out of it. Basically, they were told it was going to be Levesque in charge of creative with the new company and now Vince was back. The reality is that Levesque will be head of creative but Vince will remain with the final power.”

“Ari Emanuel, who heads the company, put Vince in charge of all facets of the company. Vince’s power is such that Emanuel himself said that if there is a disagreement on the wrestling side of the company with he and Vince, he will defer to Vince. Vince’s position on the food chain is well above that of Dana White, which is notable because UFC got 51 percent of the new company and as far as pure profitability, UFC was far ahead of WWE for the past many years.”

“While people in wrestling have a viewpoint on Vince, in the business world people see him as what the storyline is, he took a business that was in smoky buildings drawing toothless fans and made it mainstream. Of course it’s not true but those people didn’t study wrestling history.”

Vince McMahon is 78 years old and recently came back to work after major spinal surgery, but he apparently has no plans to slow down any time soon.