Backstage News On WWE Talent Enjoying Triple H Being In Charge

Triple H

A new report has provided some insight into how WWE talent views Triple H as their boss.

It has been time to play the game since July 2022 when Vince McMahon retired from WWE and his son-in-law Triple H took over creatively. Since then, Triple H has been WWE’s Chief Content Officer who has been in charge of Raw, Smackdown and WWE Premium Live Events.

Business in WWE is strong with most Raw & Smackdown tapings selling out, live event attendance going up, merchandise rising and bigger crowds at WWE Premium Live Events. It appears that Triple H has a strong hold as WWE’s main booker for many years ahead.

While speaking on the Figure Four Daily podcast on, Bryan Alvarez spoke about longtime WWE director Kevin Dunn retiring at the end of 2023.

“The guy didn’t have a stellar reputation, I gotta say. A lot of people [are] happy he’s gone. Kind of like a lot of people who were happy that Vince was gone. It’s almost like two peas in a pod.”

Former WWE superstar Lance Storm talked about how in 2001 when the original XFL launched, Vince McMahon wasn’t always at TV and the atmosphere was better in WWE.

“The days when Hunter was there instead of Vince, life was better.”

Alvarez would go on to talk about how people liked working under Triple H compared to what it was like with Vince McMahon in charge.

“I’ve heard all sorts of stories about morale after Vince was gone. People like working under Triple H a heck of a lot more than they did working under ole Vince. That I can tell you.”

“As far as Vince and Triple H, one thing I heard somebody say yesterday, who has been a long time, was you know ‘one of the big differences is I have never seen Triple H blow his stack over anything. Like not one time ever have I seen him totally flip out.’ Vince, he could be a complete maniac sometimes.’ They said, ‘Not one time. Not one time have I ever seen him have a blow up.’ Much easier work environment with ole Vince and Kevin Dunn gone. So it’s a new 2024.”

It sounds like a Happy New Year indeed for many people in WWE.

Triple H Announces Money In The Bank Will Be In Toronto

Money in the Bank is one of the biggest WWE Premium Live Events every year. Earlier on Thursday, WWE CCO Triple H announced that Scotiabank Arena in Toronto will host three huge events in July.

July 5th will be an episode of Smackdown at Scotiabank Arena.

July 6th will be the Money In The Bank PLE.

July 8th will be a special NXT Premium Live Event called Heatwave.