WWE Talent Doesn’t See CM Punk Returning – “He May Have Blown That Bridge Up”

CM Punk in WWE ring

One WWE star thinks it’s very unlikely we’ll see CM Punk in the promotion again.

CM Punk was terminated from AEW “with cause” in the aftermath of his altercation with Jack Perry backstage at All In. Tony Khan was said to be present for the incident and has even claimed he felt his life was in danger when it happened.

Since his departure, speculation has immediately turned to whether the Second City Saint will return to WWE, despite walking out of the company on bad terms back in 2014.

On the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE commentator Booker T shot down that possibility, explaining that Punk has had nothing positive to say about his old employer in the nine years since he left.

“No. I don’t think so at all, I don’t see that happening.

“Go back and look at some of CM Punk’s quotes about WWE over the last seven/eight years. Nothing, nothing positive.”

Booker went on to discuss his own departure from WWE, saying he didn’t badmouth the company in the aftermath as he preferred to keep his issues private.

“My thing was, I always said, you never know when you might wanna cross that bridge again. You just never know. To think that (AEW) might be the company you’re gonna stay at forever, that’s kind of wishful thinking.

“I left WWE, I had problems with WWE when I left, but you’re not gonna see one story out there on the internet as far as ‘Booker T shoot interview about WWE’. ‘Booker T says this about such and such’. ‘Booker T talks about this guy’.

“You know why? Because that’s stuff that I don’t think the public really need to know. I don’t think the public need to be privy to that kind of information, a personal beef that I have with somebody.”

Booker T doesn’t think CM Punk “was smart” when he left WWE

The Hall of Famer gave the analogy of being fired from a regular job, saying he wouldn’t go on the internet complaining about the company as he might end up trying to get rehired.

“Just say for instance it’s not WWE, it’s just a construction company, and I didn’t get along with whatever and they ended up firing me.

“You think I’m gonna go on the internet and talk about ‘x did this and their employees are stealing gas, all got gas carts’, I’m not gonna do that! Because I might wanna go back there and they might wanna rehire me and I might get me a gas cart and I might be using it.”

For Booker, it all comes down to being smart, something he doesn’t think Punk was when he exited WWE.

“You gotta be smart, and I just don’t think, when CM Punk left WWE, I just don’t think he was smart about it more than anything. Because I always feel like there’s a road back, but, I think CM Punk may have blown that bridge up.”

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