WWE Talent Confirms Exit From Company

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A former WWE wrestler has commented on how they are now a free agent while asking fans who they should wrestle next.

Over the last year, the NXT brand has seen NXT UK stars make their presence felt since the company closed NXT UK in August 2022. While the company has plans to launch NXT Europe at some point, the Endeavor purchase of WWE has delayed that, so it’s probably not coming this year.

As for the talent, some of the NXT UK wrestlers were moved to the NXT brand or the WWE main roster while others were let go.

There was a bit of a mystery regarding former NXT UK wrestler Aleah James, who was still listed on for months, but she had yet to appear on NXT television.

Aleah James Announces She Is No Longer With WWE

When a fan asked Aleah James about her NXT debut, she simply wrote on Twitter/X: “Do not hold your breath.”

James would follow up by confirming that she is a free agent while asking fans where should go next.

Sooo now we know I’m free as a bird.. who am I going to wrestle first?????

A big reason why many fans thought that James would be headed to NXT is because her boyfriend Noam Dar recently became a regular on the brand as a former Heritage Cup Champion.

Noam Dar is part of a group called Meta-Four with Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson. That foursome lost the Kickoff Show match against Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz at the Great American Bash on Sunday night.