WWE Superstar Accused Of Cheating On Adult Film Star

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Things may have gone from bad to worse for one WWE Superstar who has been accused of cheating on one adult film actress with another.

In a story originally reported by Cassidy Haynes of, Matt Riddle recently failed a drug test for the second time this year and that meant he was in rehab trying to get better. It is believed that Riddle’s first failed drug test came around SummerSlam, which was in late July.

Dave Meltzer seemed to indicate that the report might not be accurate due to the way WWE usually handles the fallout from failed drug tests. However, it now appears that Matt Riddle has entered rehab after his girlfriend, adult film star Jordan Maxx, took to social media to reveal some things about the former US Champion, including his apparent infidelity after he was seen kissing another adult film star, Misha Montana. Maxx wrote:

“Does it make you feel better about yourself to kick people when they’re down? Try to imagine for one second, the man you’ve spent the last 6 months with, who said “I love you” for the first time 2 months ago, is all of a sudden making out with someone else WHO IS IN YOUR (1/2)”

“INDUSTRY, and then, rather than keeping plans for Christmas and NYE, he’s going to rehab? Do you have any idea how confusing and hurtful that is? (2/2)”

“Adding this here since it seems many of you are overlooking it: I’m not mad that he’s in rehab. He told me that he quit drugs, and then to find out he’s a) with another girl b) doing those drugs with her and c) failing drug tests so he has to go to rehab for it is disappointing”

“I do hope that he takes rehab seriously and gets the help he so desperately needs so that he can be the best version of who he is for his future partners, his kids, and himself”

Matt Riddle has since apparently referred to the accusations and comments aimed at him with his own social media post.