WWE Stars “Worried” By Vince McMahon’s Return

vince mcmahon wwe hands

Vince McMahon stunned the world by making his return to the WWE Board of Directors but that move is said to have “worried” some WWE stars.

Vince McMahon stunned the wrestling world in July 2022 when he announced his retirement from WWE amid an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and ‘hush money’ payments made to former female company employees.

McMahon went one better in the first week of 2023 when it became apparent that he had forced his way back onto the company’s Board of Directors through his position as WWE’s main shareholder.

The news has left many fans wondering if Vince McMahon is looking to regain full control of the company and wrestle away control of its creative direction from Triple H – despite word from the company that McMahon is only working in a somewhat removed corporate role.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that McMahon’s return – even if he doesn’t assume full control again – has some stars in the company worried about the future:

“The morale was much better [without Vince McMahon]. Now, everyone’s worried again, because it’s like if Vince is in charge and they’re trying to sell, does that mean they’re going to start doing cuts again?”

As far as what McMahon’s return means for a potential sale of WWE, it has been noted that WWE co-CEO Nick Khan could be set for a hefty windfall if that happens.

h/t PWMania