WWE Stars Traumatised By Vince McMahon Allegations, Management Silent

Vince McMahon WWE

Even internally WWE management is remaining quiet on the Vince McMahon scandal.

WWE is under an increasing level of scrutiny as yet another Vince McMahon engulfs the company. On January, 25th it was revealed that a lawsuit had been filed alleging sex trafficking and sexual assault involving Vince McMahon and other company figures.

McMahon has since stepped down from his position on the TKO Group Board of Directors, and the culture within WWE is being questioned far and wide.

While WWE Superstars and company figures are saying very little publicly given the unfolding legal situation, it seems a code of silence has also been taken behind closed doors.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that one star described the lawsuit as “emotionally scarring,” and there was said to be a “lot of trauma” in the women’s locker room.

One company star noted to us that reading the lawsuit was emotionally scarring, noting that the sad fact is that everyone in the company was striving for Vince’s love and approval, and how devastating reading the suit was to have thought that and worked for someone who in the end didn’t care about their talents.

“Vince made so many of us feel small and awful. We all had to obey his abuse in order to keep our jobs.”

It was also noted that there was a lot of trauma among the women as this went down with the fear it will get crazier is more women come forward.

One main roster star said that no one from management had discussed the situation with them, only confirming that McMahon won’t be back. Instead, they were told about the success of the Royal Rumble and WWE’s recent deal with Netflix.

Vince McMahon Subject To Federal Investigation

It’s been reported that Vince McMahon is under a federal investigation relating to the allegations, but continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Back in the summer of 2023, Vince McMahon was served with a grand jury subpoena for “documents related to any allegation of “rape, sex trafficking, sexual assault, commercial sex transaction, harassment or discrimination” against current or former WWE employees.”