WWE Stars Reaction To Draft Revealed

WWE Draft

With the first WWE Draft in 18 months now in the books, there’s a new insight in to how the wrestlers involved have taken the situation.

The 2023 WWE Draft saw key names announced on the most recent editions of Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night RAW. It signified a fairly substanial shakeup, with plenty of stars swapping brands or announced as free agents meaning they could compete on both, as well as a large injection of talent from NXT.

There have been some conflicting reports in to the backstage mood in the company at the moment, where some have described there being “chaos”. Some of this has been caused by the Draft, with superstars seemingly being told one thing only for it to change shortly afterwards, as well as confusion over the status of free agents, with Omos in particular a point of contention.

However, a new report on the mood has a more positive tone. WRKD Wrestling is reporting that many WWE superstars are actually happy with the outcome of the Draft.

Dave Meltzer via WOR described WWE backstage after the draft as “chaotic”. However, we’ve instead heard many backstage are very happy with the way the rosters shook out, with most wrestlers looking forward to the plans for the World Heavyweight championship and SummerSlam.

You can find the full breakdown of which superstars represent the red and blue brands following the Draft here. One of the most significant announcements was that Brock Lesnar is considered a free agent ahead of his match against Cody Rhodes at Backlash.