WWE Star Says Dusty Rhodes “Saved” Their Career

Dusty Rhodes

One of WWE’s top stars was once on the chopping block until Dusty Rhodes intervened.

Bayley is perhaps best known for her time in NXT as a beloved underdog heroine. But it wasn’t always like that; her first few months were exceptionally hard, and while she was solid in the ring, her lack of a personality almost cost led to her being fired.

That’s when Dusty Rhodes approached her and offered his sagely advice. Having worked well with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to help them work on their respective limitations, Dusty Rhodes did the same with Bayley.

And in an interview with BT Sport, Bayley said that Dusty Rhodes gave her the critical help she needed to develop a character that would resonate with the fans and make her into more than just someone that was good in the ring.

“I had nothing to offer except what I could do in the ring at the time, and he pushed me in promo class and brought out this character in me and brought out my personality.

At that time the women weren’t really seen like that and I didn’t think it was okay to be a fan and then that became my character, being the superfan. So, he definitely saved me and then I started having fun.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription