Former Stars Critical Of WWE’s Overproduction, Death of Creativity

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Two former WWE stars have criticized the company for overproduction, the death of creativity, and other things as they enjoy life as free agents.

The former WWE tag team known as The Dyad (Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid) are now free agents. Their deals expired yesterday, so they are free to wrestle anywhere they want. They requested their release from WWE In April, but the company denied it, so they waited until their contracts expired.

Prior to joining Joe Gacy’s Schism group, the Dyad were known as the Grizzled Young Veterans prior to WWE and also when they were on the WWE UK brand. As GYV, they used the names Zack Gibson (the bald guy) and James Drake.

While they worked for WWE, Gibson & Drake were the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions. They did not win titles as The Dyad.

Former WWE Tag Team The Grizzled Young Veterans were critical of how things were done in NXT

In a video posted on X/Twitter, The Grizzled Young Veterans are seen doing a promo on the street talking about how they are back to being the team they were meant to be.

In the video, they are seen criticizing WWE for the overproduction of the product saying that it makes “soulless wrestlers” with heartless gimmicks and said it’s “the death of creativity” among other things. Drake said that they were sick of reading the same boring script that went absolutely nowhere.

Gibson said they can’t be who “you” want them to be. When Gibson calls them the Grizzled Young Veterans again, he seemed relieved by it.

After filming their video, Drake & Gibson were both happy about what they said while adding that they did it in one take. That could be seen as a shot at WWE and the “overproduction” comment that was made

A post on X/Twitter by Drake noted they were based in the US although they could certainly work some UK dates as well.