WWE Stars React To Awkward Talk Show Confrontation

LA Knight Grayson Waller WWE

WWE stars Grayson Waller and LA Knight have reacted to a tense confrontation on a talk show that threatened to get physical in a hurry.

WWE Elimination Chamber is heading to Australia for the first time ever and as a result, Grayson Waller and LA Knight were on the Australian show Sunrise to promote the event, which will take place in Perth on February 24th when things took an odd turn.

Towards the end of the interview, one of the hosts, Matt Shirvington proved that the perception of wrestling has clearly not evolved in some sections of the media as he asked if the duo could show one of their signature moves and volunteered one of the crew to take the hit.

LA Knight looked unimpressed as he let Waller take the lead and the Aussie star let rip on the disrespect that they were being shown while warning he’d punch someone in the mouth for real:

I don’t think you understand, if I come over there we are going to have the police here because I’m not going to give you some fake punch I am going to punch you straight in the jaw.

The disrespect you have even talking to me, no you want to talk to me like this and say this ain’t real. Don’t act all tough lad, don’t act all tough…we don’t mess around with that.

[Speaking to the show’s presenter Matt Shirvington] You too Matt, you two come here and try disrespecting us.

WWE Stars Look Back On Other Infamous Incidents

LA Knight has since taken to social media to share a still of the infamous incident where Vader attacked a Kuwaiti news host while The Undertaker looked on after being asked if wrestling was fake. Vader was arrested and held by Kuwaiti authorities after the host filed charges over the incident.

Grayson Waller also took to social media to share a still image of David Schulz from when he infamously slapped ABC’s John Stossel for a similar transgression in 1984. Schulz was subsequently fired by WWE for his actions.