WWE Star “Would Love To Have A Match” With Batista


Although Batista has retired from professional wrestling, one WWE superstar thinks a match with ‘The Animal’ would be a big money program.

Batista’s first run in WWE lasted from 2000 to 2010 and thereafter he had two short stints before retiring in 2019. Over the course of his career, Batista wrestled a wide variety of opponents, some of them bigger and stronger than him.

But there’s one person that he never got to face in a main-event-level singles feud: Bobby Lashley.

Although the two men were on the same roster in 2005 and 2006, they didn’t have an extended program together since Lashley was still a rookie at the time and not yet ready for top-level matches.

However, much has changed since then, especially since Lashley is still active in wrestling. And while Batista is busy with his acting career, Bobby Lashley believes that Batista would be a dream opponent for him, per an interview that took place on the Perform Podcast.

“I love where Dave is and I never try to drum up any controversy or any kind of friction. Dave is definitely somebody I would love to have a match with. It would be something that would do some huge box office numbers.

Dave, since he’s left WWE, his whole entire career has exploded to another level. Of course you want to bring somebody like him back. If we can, I know it would be a great match up.

I never say that one person is going to win in a competition like that. I’m always betting on myself, but at the end of the day, the fans would win that.”

Batista and Lashley spent most of 2005 and 2006 as tag team partners, and the only times they were opponents were in some multi-man matches and one singles match that ended in a no-contest.

H/T Fightful