WWE Star Believes We Are Seeing “The Best Roman Reigns” Now

Roman Reigns WWE Universal Champion

A multitude of wrestlers are praising Roman Reigns for his accomplishments, and for good reason.

As Roman Reigns continues to set some records and shatter others, he collects more praise from his peers and other industry professionals along the way.

Reigns’ rise to the top has been a complicated matter. Early attempts at making him into the new top guy were met with widespread distain, rejection, and hostility from fans. Then he encountered a major setback when he was diagnosed with leukemia and left to fight (and beat) that illness. And since his return he has been doing the best work of his career.

Roman Reigns’ turnaround from being so deeply hated among wrestling fans to so deeply respected hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even wrestlers that wouldn’t normally have something nice to say about him can’t help but share their admiration of what Reigns has done.

Such is the case with Damian Priest, who appeared on The Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast to praise Reigns’ endurance through such an arduous journey to the top.

“He weathered the storm. He took his licks, whether it was from fans or talent, whatever. And he never wavered. He never stopped believing in himself, he never stopped betting on himself, and never stopped improving. Now we’re seeing the culmination of all of it. … That’s why he is the best Roman Reigns right now that he’s ever been.”

As of today, February 16th, 2023, Roman Reigns has surpassed 900 days as Universal Champion.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription