Current WWE Star Breaks Silence On Vince McMahon’s Return & Sale Rumours

Vince McMahon

A current WWE Superstar has given their thoughts on the uncertainty engulfing the company with Vince McMahon returning and many expecting it to be sold.

On the 6th of January 2023, Vince McMahon officially returned to WWE’s Board of Directors, and just days later the Board unanimously installed him as Executive Chairman. The boardroom musical chairs led to Stephanie McMahon resigning her roles and resuming her previously abandoned leave of absence from the company.

Upon Vince McMahon’s return, rumours began to swirl about the company being on the brink of being sold to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. Those rumours were called “completely false” by one WWE insider but it is believed the PIF is still “in the hunt” to purchase WWE outright.

Speaking to CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri on SHAK Wrestling, current NXT Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston gave his thoughts on the uncertainty and says it’s business as usual for WWE Superstars:

“I think we kind of all have the same mentality, like whatever happens outside of the company is going to happen. We really have no idea what’s transpiring, but our role remains the same, it’s just go out there and put on great matches. That is the one thing, regardless of whoever’s in charge or whoever owns this or that, you know what I mean, that’s what we’re gonna do. That’s what we’re always gonna do.”

“So that is the most important thing, I think, the mentality for us is just to kind of, like you said, laser vision and keep putting on great matches. So that’s what we’re gonna do.”

h/t Fightful