WWE Star Undergoing Name Change

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It appears that a WWE SmackDown wrestler may be going back to his old name soon.

On the Smackdown New Year’s Revolution episode to start 2024, Butch teamed up with Tyler Bate to defeat Pretty Deadly. For Bate, it was his official call up to the WWE main roster that saw him work with his close friend and former rival Butch.

The January 12th edition of WWE Smackdown saw Bate & Butch having a chat in a coffee shop. Bate was thrilled about their win one week earlier and wanted to see them become a regular tag team to see how far they could go together.

There was also a point in the talk where Butch said that The Brawling Brutes group is in the past. Sheamus has been out of action for several months due to injury and Ridge Holland has been moved to NXT while Butch is alone on Smackdown.

As the discussion went on, Bate gave Butch the advice that he needed to focus on mindfulness and finding the person that he used to be. That’s when Bate asked: “What is that name going to be?”

While it hasn’t been reported officially yet, it appears as though it was a tease for Butch to go back to the “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne name that he had when he started his WWE career in 2017.

When Did Pete Dunn Become Butch In WWE?

Butch started using that name on the main roster in March 2022 when the Brawling Brutes were officially, so if he goes back to the Pete Dunne name then he would have spent nearly two years as Butch.

There was a rumor in March 2023 that the Butch name would return, but obviously, it didn’t happen back then.