WWE Star Undergoes Surgery For Broken Nose

WWE logo over blurred Jacy Jayne Thea Hail

There is one more name on the injured list in WWE after it was confirmed an NXT star had to undergo surgery for a broken nose.

Jacy Jayne has spent much of the last year ingratiating herself with Thea Hail and eventually Chase U. However, Jayne’s toxic behaviour bubbled to the surface recently when she turned her back on Hail, forming a new alliance with Jazmyn Nyx.

The wild child of Chase U was not at all happy at this development and clashed one-on-one with Jayne on the April 30th edition of WWE NXT Spring Breakin’. At one point during the match, Jayne went for a cover on Thea Hail but when Hail kicked out she smacked her opponent hard in the face instantly bloodying her. Hail eventually won the match via submission.

WWE’s Jacy Jayne Needs Surgery After Broken Nose

On the 7th of May edition of WWE NXT, Jazmyn Nyx revealed that Jacy Jayne had undergone surgery for a broken nose as a result and promised to take care of Thea Hail for the injury. It remains unknown how long Jacy Jayne will miss from the ring following the surgery.

Jacy Jayne had previously shared photos of herself on social media following the injury with blackened eyes as she shared the message: “You’ll never take me out.”