WWE Star Deletes Twitter Following Angry Remarks From Fans

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A current WWE star has chosen to delete Twitter after some unruly comments from fans angry about a recent injury.

The opening match on Smackdown in Raleigh this past Friday saw Pretty Deadly’s Elton Prince & Kit Wilson face off against The Brawling Brutes duo of Sheamus & Ridge Holland.

They had a physical match that saw Pretty Deadly pick up the win when Prince exposed the top turnbuckle, Holland ran into the exposed steel (while selling a throat injury from previous weeks) and Prince hit a top rope leg drop for the pinfall win.

Elton Prince suffered a left shoulder injury during the match, according to a report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. As seen in the photo below from Smackdown LowDown, Elton Prince was wearing a sling on his left arm after the show. It was not a work or WWE storyline. It’s a legit injury.

That led to Prince making these comments in character.

“Let me make this absolutely clear to everybody. This is the kind of injury that puts the average person out for years. I’d say I’d say career-ender.

This is a career-ending injury. But not for me. Oh, no, no. I might just take a couple of weeks off. And then I’ll probably be back to, you know, I’ll be spiffing again, boy.”

There’s no way of really knowing the severity of the injury yet, so hopefully Prince isn’t out too long after more medical testing by WWE and rehabbing the injury.

Unfortunately for fellow WWE Smackdown superstar Ridge Holland, he was attacked by some angry people on Twitter that thought that Prince was injured because of him. Holland tweeted this on Saturday.

So to set people straight before they get all pissy! It wasn’t the belly to belly… was a wonky landing from the pounce.

Out of my control. Wishing @EltonPrince_PD a speedy recovery.

It is now Monday and Ridge Holland has deleted (or deactivated) his @RidgeWWE Twitter account. On Twitter you can obviously delete it, but if you deactivate it then you restart it again in the future and pick up where you left off.

The reason fans are so harsh toward Holland is because he gave Big E a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor in March 2022 which led to a serious injury. Big E suffered a broken neck and Big E has been out of action ever since. Big E doesn’t blame Holland for it, but wrestling fans, especially on Twitter, can be incredibly harsh.