WWE Star Begins Treatment On Long-Standing Injury

Bayley & Shotzi WWE SmackDown. Blur logo

A WWE star is making the most of their time away from the ring.

Back in February, Shotzi challenged Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Title, however, the match came to a quick and abrupt end.

After just three and a half minutes the referee called a halt to the action with the SmackDown star unable to continue. Shotzi had attempted to hit Valkyria with a DDT on the apron but landed awkwardly and the match was quickly waved off. The star was helped backstage by doctors and left the arena on crutches.

A week later, Shotzi confirmed she’d torn her ACL and would be out of action for around nine months.

WWE Star Shotzi Begins Treatment On Back Injury

In a new update on Instagram, Shotzi revealed she’s getting stem cell treatment in Mexico to deal with a back injury she suffered two and a half years ago. The star said being able to get fully fit while recovering from her knee injury has been a huge silver lining.

In Mexico to finally get the stem cells I have been wanting since I hurt my back 2 and 1/2 years ago! Realizing that my knee injury is giving me the opportunity to finally heal my back has been a huge silver lining. Thank you @rejuvstem Thank you Universe. I am forever grateful. Here is to wrestling pain free when I come back! But first coconuts and cenotes!

Shotzi finally signed with WWE in 2019 and starred on NXT before moving to SmackDown. The star had been selected to take part in Tough Enough back in 2016, but she was forced to pull out after an irregular heartbeat caused her to fail a medical.