WWE Star Tiffany Stratton Signs With Top Talent Agency

tiffany stratton wwe

Tiffany Stratton’s star continues to shine ever brighter.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany Stratton has signed a deal with the Paradigm Talent Agency. The prestigious agency was founded back in 1992 and has offices in Los Angeles, London, and New York as well as several other cities in North America.

Paradigm’s client list has included the likes of Steven King, Sydney Sweeney, Antonio Banderas, and Billie Eilish among others.

In April it was reported Damian Priest had also signed a deal with Paradigm shortly after winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

The report from the Hollywood Reporter notes that Paradigm is confident Stratton’s stock will only rise in the coming years following WWE’s deal with Netflix. Furthermore, the agency is looking for her to enjoy a similar career trajectory to The Rock, John Cena, and Batista, all of whom have found huge success on the big screen.

“Paradigm will work to build Stratton’s business across books, graphic novels, acting, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and more.”

Tiffany Stratton Outlines Hollywood Dreams

The news comes after Tiffany Stratton said she plans to take on Hollywood by the age of 30.

Stratton is currently 25, seemingly leaving her five years to conquer the wrestling world before making an assault on Hollywood. For reference, The Rock was 28 when he filmed his first major movie, and his full-time wrestling career was over by his 31st birthday.