WWE Star Threatens Violence During News Interview

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Austin Theory threatened the editor-in-chief of an Australian newspaper during a recent interview.

Back in January, Grayson Waller caused a stir when he threatened to legitimately knock out a crew member on the Australian news show, Sunrise. Now, Austin Theory has seemingly followed in his friend’s footsteps at the offices of The West Australian newspaper.

According to their report, Theory was scheduled to take part in a video interview to promote Elimination Chamber when “a real-life stoush broke out” between the WWE star and the paper’s editor, Anthony De Ceglie.

Austin Theory Threatens To “Smack The S***” Out Of Newspaper Editor

The incident occurred after De Ceglie seemingly called wrestling “fake,” leading to Theory going on a rant and threatening to attack him for “talking his f****** head off.”

“You brought me here and you’re going to talk to me like this?”

“Just cause you’re in charge of some s*** doesn’t mean you can talk to me like this.

“You’re saying what I do is easy and you’re in front of all of your people talking about my job is easy … you couldn’t walk a damn day in my shoes.

“Are you kidding me man? I will smack the s*** outta you right now.

“I’m not playing around. Y’all bring me all the way out here for some media and this guy is talking his f****** head off.

“What’s his problem?”

The star was then “carted off by WWE security.”

It should be noted, however, that the article was likely written as a joke, as it also includes a quote from a “worried” staff member by the name of “Kay Fabe.” Kayfabe, of course, is the term used to describe the illusion that pro wrestling is real.