WWE Star Thinks In-Ring Career Is Over

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WWE star Bobby Roode has been out of action for well over eighteen months and now he’s conceded he might never wrestle again.

Bobby Roode made his name in TNA as the self-appointed leader of the selfish generation. After finding success with Team Canada and as one half of Beer Money, Roode won the TNA World Championship for the first time in 2011.

In 2016, Roode made the switch to WWE and again found success in NXT where he made his way to the ring to some glorious music. Bobby Roode captured the NXT Championship in 2017 and it was later that same year he made the jump to WWE’s main roster.

Roode has held the WWE Tag Team Championship three times as well as having a reign as US Champion but the last time he was able to get in the ring was in June 2022 with his career put on hold due to serious health challenges that have put his career in serious doubt.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Bobby Roode explained how he has now received the all clear to get back in the ring but now that he is working as a producer in WWE, it seems he’s not in a rush to lace up his boots again:

Ironically enough, I just got green-lighted. The fusion has completely fused. So as far as like, looking at it from a medical point of view, it’s safe to get back in the ring, I guess. But at almost 48 years old, given the opportunity that I’ve been given now to work as a producer, which was my goal coming to WWE almost eight years ago. I’m quite happy doing this. And I feel like I’ve had a good run, as they say, and I’m happy to do what I’m doing now.

Bobby Roode Unable To Compete Full Time In WWE Again

Roode then admitted there was no way he could continue to wrestle full-time given the extent of his injury and detailed just how bad things got for him:

Could I do this full-time? There’s no way I could. Look, to be honest, the injury I have three levels that are bad. The level six and seven are not good either. So when I got my injury, back in 2022, when I re injured it, I got an MRI done the next day. And like, I mean, they said that your three levels are just not good. Two levels are not great. You need to get fixed.

So I went to Birmingham and saw Dr. Cordova who was amazing. And he thought we need to do a two-level. Because the thing was, is that I wasn’t living in any pain. I didn’t have pain. I could go through the day without feeling any sort of pain, the issue with me was my strength. And then because I was losing strength, I started to lose muscle in my right arm. It just scared me because the first thing I thought it was like Paul Orndorff, right. And his injury and that’s what was happening to me, I was starting to atrophy really bad in my shoulder and in my bicep.

So long story short, I was set to get a two-level fusion back in November 30, of 2022. And Dr. Cordova called me the night before, and I was in the hotel room in Birmingham, getting ready to get up at 5 am the next day to get up and go to do the surgery. And he’s like, I talked to you know, a couple of the doctors and I think we can just get away with doing one level, I think you’re gonna be fine.

So we went in, and we did the one level and I felt great. Not great the next day, but like after the six weeks of doing nothing, and once I started, the physical therapy and all that other stuff, I felt pretty good, like my strength was coming back. And I felt like the muscle was coming back. And then just out of the blue, I remember March the 10th. I just remember having such wild pain that I never experienced before. And I don’t know what happened. We really don’t know what happened.

But I remember getting really sick and vomiting and blacking out and then kind of coming to and not being able to like raise my arm up over my head. So what happened was the level above it just went. So level four and five just kind of went for whatever reason. So in hindsight, maybe we should have gotten both done at the same time. But look, that’s life and we just move on. But I had to get this other fusion done. And that level six and seven, like I said, is still not great but I’m feeling better.

I just don’t mentally, I don’t think I could take the risk of going back in the ring and working a full-time schedule. Just knowing that as well. I just feel like I look differently too, you know what I mean? I always kind of prided myself in the way that I looked on television. And sure, no, I love being in the gym and working out. And it’s just when you physically don’t look the same, it’s just a mental thing as well.

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