WWE Star Slams Claims They Can’t Wrestle As “So 2016”

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Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella has hit out at those that still maintain she can’t wrestle and says those that don’t give her credit are “idiots.”

Carmella has been a firm part of the women’s division on WWE’s main roster since 2016 after a successful stint in NXT where she gained popularity alongside Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

As part of the SmackDown brand, Carmella made history when she became the first female Money In The Bank winner and continued making history nine days later when she became the first woman to win the Money In The Bank briefcase twice after a controversial finish to the first match.

After several months out of action, Carmella returned to a WWE ring in February 2023 and was part of the Elimination Chamber match to find a WrestleMania contender for Bianca Belair which was won by Asuka.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell with her husband Corey Graves, Carmella explained her value in WWE and says anybody that thinks she can’t wrestle is very much living in the past:

“I’ve made history in the WWE, several times. I think Carmella is overlooked because people look at Carmella and think, ‘I have the looks, I can talk,’ but I think people underestimate my in-ring ability. There is something to be said for that. For me, I feel like it’s a chip on my shoulder and I feel I have to go out there and prove exactly what I can do.

“‘Oh, Carmella can’t wrestle.’ First of all, that was like so 2016. People thought I couldn’t wrestle in 2016. I proved them wrong time and time again. I love to be underestimated. I’d rather be underestimated, underrated, than overrated. Now, I always have something to prove. I want to prove to everybody why I belong here. That’s exactly what I’ve done. I not only have the looks, I not only can talk, I can go.

“If people still don’t want to talk about that and recognize and give me the credit I deserve, that’s on them, they’re an idiot and they’re clearly blind.”

h/t Fightful