WWE Star Should “100% Be In The Hall Of Fame Right Now”

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Jordynne Grace thinks one WWE star should already be in the Hall of Fame.

TNA star Jordynne Grace has become a popular member of the WWE family during her stint with NXT. After picking up a win over Stevie Turner on TV, Grace unsuccessfully challenged Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Title at Battleground.

However, she might not be quite done with WWE. The star is due to defend her Knockouts Title against an unnamed challenger at TNA Against All Odds, believed to be someone from NXT.

While appearing on Threads with McKenzie Mitchell, Grace reflected on her time in NXT while sharing her appreciation for the women who paved the way in WWE. As well as shouting out Beth Phoenix, Grace said Natalya doesn’t get the credit she deserves.

“People I used to look up to when I was younger, and still do, Natalya. Incredible. Strong. She does not get the credit she deserves, honestly. She is one of those people that is going to retire and then get her flowers when she needs her flowers now. I do not understand why people aren’t giving them to her right this second. Also, Beth Phoenix. Those are two women that I am so obsessed with,”

When Mitchell suggested Natalya should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Grace quickly agreed.

“I completely agree. Not to put anyone else down, but she had done more stuff than other Hall of Famers and she’s still wrestling. She still has more left in the tank. I absolutely 100% agree. I don’t know if it’s a rule that you have to be retired to be in the Hall of Fame, but she should 100% be in the Hall of Fame right now.”

Rey Mysterio was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2023 despite being an active member of the roster.

WWE Star Natalya Training With Top TNA Wrestling Name

Meanwhile, Natalya has been training with Joe Hendry ahead of Against All Odds. The TNA star passed through The Dungeon as he continues to prepare for a “big weekend.” Interestingly, Hendry isn’t booked in a match at the TNA event, but there’s huge speculation he could appear at WWE Clash at the Castle.

The Scottish star would be a welcome arrival should he pop up at the show at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow.

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