WWE Star Set For First Match In Nine Months

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NXT has been plagued by a mystery attacker in recent months and it was recently revealed that Blair Davenport was the villain behind the assaults on her fellow WWE stars.

Wendy Choo, Nikkita Lyons, and Sol Ruca were all victims of apparent backstage and parking lot attacks in recent months, with the assaults allowing those stars to take time off due to legitimate injuries. The mystery attacker became more brazen when she attacked former NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez in the arena before making a quick exit.

On the 30th of May edition of NXT television, Dani Palmer called out the mystery assailant only to find herself a victim as well. The mask was then ripped off to reveal that it was former NXT UK star Blair Davenport that was to blame for the assaults.

Davenport last competed at NXT Worlds Collide in September 2022 where she was part of a triple threat match to unify the NXT and NXT Women’s Championships. The bout also featured Meiko Satomura and eventual winner, former WWE star Mandy Rose.

Now the English star is set for her first WWE match in nine months after it was confirmed that Blair Davenport will take on Dani Palmer in a bout on the 6th of June edition of NXT television.

Also on the show will be a six-person tag team match pitting Ivy Nile and The Creeds of Diamond Mine against Ava and The Dyad of The Schism, Damon Kemp will face Eddy Thorpe, and a battle royal to determine Tiffany Stratton’s first challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship.