WWE Star Says Ricochet Raw Angle Was “Too Elaborate”

Ricochet Bron Breakker WWE

One WWE star has questioned Ricochet’s angle on Raw.

On the June 10th episode of Monday Night Raw, Ricochet was left utterly broken by Bron Breakker. After Breakker beat Ilja Dragunov, the second-generation star continued the beatdown, only for Ricochet to make the save. However, it wouldn’t be long until the high-flyer was on the back foot.

Breakker demolished his rival, launching him into a production truck, and then slamming him through the windscreen of a car. With the beatdown complete, Ricochet was taken away in an ambulance accompanied by Samantha Irvin.

It’s been widely reported that the beatdown was a way of writing the star off television after he decided to let his contract run out.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer cited one WWE star who while under the impression the former Intercontinental Champion will leave, felt the angle was “too elaborate” for someone who won’t be back.

One WWE star noted to us that it seemed way too elaborate of an angle to do for someone leaving, especially with the involvement of Irvin in the angle, although they also were under the impression he was leaving.

Will Ricochet Return To WWE TV?

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that Ricochet could yet return to WWE television given he still has a few weeks left on his deal. However, there are currently no plans for him on Raw, and he hasn’t traveled with WWE to Scotland for Clash at the Castle.

Regardless of what happens to her partner, Samatha Irvin will be staying with WWE.