WWE Star Returns After A Year Out Of Action

WWE logo over blurred Wendy Choo Wren Sinclair

After having to endure almost a year on the sidelines due to injury, one WWE star is now back in the ring.

The NXT parking lot is never a safe place to be and in the spring of 2023 it was especially dangerous for some of the brand’s female stars. An unknown assailant had been taking out the likes of Sol Ruca, Nikkita Lyons, and Wendy Choo with the reality being these stars were forced to miss time from TV due to very real injuries.

That assailant was later found to be Blair Davenport. While Sol Ruca got her revenge on Davenport, it seems with Davenport’s promotion to SmackDown in the WWE Draft, another victim of hers won’t get the chance to seek retribution.

Wendy Choo Back In WWE

Now on the edition of NXT Level Up that aired on the 10th of May, Wendy Choo was finally back in action as she faced Wren Sinclair. Continuing her gimmick on the brand that sees her value her sleep more than anything, Choo was able to pick up the win over Sinclair.

Prior to that match, Wendy Choo’s last outing in WWE came on the 19th of May 2023 edition of NXT Level Up where she teamed with Kelani Jordan to defeat Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice.