WWE Star Responds To Fan’s Ludicrous Dare

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A WWE fan has gone to surprising lengths for a dare.

In recent months, Dijak has gone on a rampage of ratios on social media, even going as far as trying to ratio Joe Biden after the US President’s Air Force One caused him an hour’s wait for his bags at the airport.

One fan named Tyler seemed to avoid that fate when he deleted a post claiming he would get anything the former Retribution star replied with tattooed on him. However, the star had already seen the message, and applauded Tyler for making “the Mount Rushmore of good decisions.”

Despite the near miss, the fan asked Dijak what his reply would have been, claiming he would get the tattoo regardless. The star answered with, “I almost made a good decision.” True to his word, Tyler has now come back to show that he not only got the response tattooed on him, but he used oddly big lettering for it.

While the fan hoped he would get a follow back for his efforts, instead he got a bizarre Ratatouille-themed ratio, complete with a picture of Dijak’s face on Remy from the Disney Pixar movie.

WWE Confident Of Re-Signing Dijak

Despite being moved to Raw during the recent draft, Dijak has yet to sign a new deal with WWE ahead of his contract expiring in the near future. However, both sides are confident of the star re-signing for the company, with it being reported that both Triple H and Shawn Michaels are fans.