WWE Star Pushed For Major Character Change

Sami Zayn & Chad Gable blur WWE logo

A WWE star has lifted the lid on their recent heel turn.

Through 2023 and into 2024 Chad Gable’s popularity grew significantly as he went from someone fans felt was undervalued, to a star finally getting the chance to shine. This saw him challenge for the Intercontinental Championship and take part in a heated rivalry with Gunther heading into WrestleMania.

However, after missing out on championship gold on several occasions something needed to change.

The breaking point came on the April 15th episode of Raw when he attacked Sami Zayn after their match, turning heel in the process. Since then Gable has become much more ruthless, with his on-screen treatment of Otis and Maxxine Dupri appalling fans the world over.

During an interview with The Gorilla Position, Gable was asked about his heel turn, and whether it was his decision to make the change.

“A bit of both, you know, it was organic in a sense that once it got rolling, we kind of…you never really know what’s going to take off with our audience, you know. But I will say the whole idea to turn heel was kind of my idea. I felt like I flatlined as a babyface somewhere around WrestleMania. I came up short against Gunther a few times. Came up short against Sami [Zayn].

At a certain point, something has to change, or people are not going to buy into you any further. I had the idea, ‘Let’s do it.’ It just so happened we were going to be in Montreal, Sami’s hometown, the week after Mania when I was having that match. I was like, ‘There could not be a better place to do this thing.’ We made it happen, and the stars aligned.

I feel like it’s worked out in our favor. Since then, Otis is this perfect sympathetic guy that you can’t help but feel bad for. We have everything in our favor working for us right now. And it’s great that the story is going so well. It’s amazing.”

Chad Gable Will Be Staying With WWE

Despite weeks of speculation and heavy interest from AEW, Chad Gable revealed ahead of Clash at the Castle that he’d signed a new contract with WWE.

Although the star kept details of the deal close to his chest, he confirmed Triple H had played a huge role in his decision to stay. Gable recalled speaking with Triple H early in his time heading up creative and being assured there were plans to get him on television.

Despite initial apprehension, Gable said The Game delivered exactly what he promised, and that went a long way to confirming that WWE is where he needs to be.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co