WWE Star Pulled From Major WrestleMania Match

Triple H WWE

One WWE star is no longer on the WrestleMania 40 card after being attacked on SmackDown and it seems Rey Mysterio can’t help but push those close to him further away.

Rey Mysterio has found himself at odds with his son Dominik once again as the Judgment Day tearaway has involved himself in his father’s issues with Santos Escobar and the LWO.

That led to a huge challenge being made for WrestleMania 40 with Escobar and Dominik set to team up against Rey and his hand-picked partner. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that partner to be the newest member of the LWO, Dragon Lee, much to Carlito’s obvious disappointment.

Rey Mysterio Finds Unlikely WWE Ally For WrestleMania 40

However, on SmackDown in Philadelphia, plans changed. Dragon Lee was found backstage having been attacked with Carlito first on the scene telling Rey Mysterio that Santos Escobar had been the assailant. However, it was made very obvious that Carlito was the one behind the attack as he likely wanted to be Mysterio’s partner at WrestleMania.

Later in the night, a match took place between the LWO’s Zelina Vega and Legado del Fantasma’s Elektra Lopez. Lopez picked up the win and afterwards, when Escobar and Dominik raised Lopez’s hand they were joined by Andrade. However, when Dominik and Escobar attacked Rey, Andrade picked his side and joined the WWE Hall of Famer, making it clear that he’d be taking Dragon Lee’s place at WrestleMania 40.

That was later confirmed on the show with Carlito again trying his best to suppress his anger at being snubbed by Rey Mysterio. Eddie Guerrero, Batista, his own son, and likely Carlito, maybe they all had a point after all.