WWE Star Probably Getting Fired After Misconduct Allegation

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Following an allegation of inappropriate behaviour, it looks like time is running out for one WWE star in the company.

Speaking to NewsNation, Ronda Rousey looked back on one unfortunate incident for her in WWE when she said one talent in the company grabbed at her sweatpants while she was walking by:

I was standing there and this guy I was barely an acquaintance with grabs the string of my sweatpants as I’m walking by…and nobody reacts as if this is abnormal, and he’s going down the hall and I’m like ‘what the f*ck is that? Why are you grabbing the string of my sweatpants? If my husband was standing there next to me, would you feel comfortable walking up to me and grabbing the string of my sweatpants?’

All the guys around me were like, this is part of the day. And if this guy was coming up to me and doing this kind of stuff to me when there are other people around, what’s happening to these other girls when I’m not in the hallway?

Rousey later clarified that she was talking about NXT star Drew Gulak. Gulak has since given his side of the story but since Rousey’s claims were made, he has been pulled from television.

Things Not Looking Good For Drew Gulak In WWE

Things took another twist when The No Quarter Catch Crew in NXT that Gulak was a part of seemingly parted ways with him. On the 16th of April edition of NXT television, the No Quarter Catch Crew were seen talking with The Family where it became clear a deal had been struck for Gulak to be taken out “for the good of the industry” but his name was never mentioned. One report suggests Drew Gulak’s name has been banned from WWE TV and things might get worse for him.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE’s investigation into the issue proved inconclusive but there is a high chance that Gulak will be fired as a result of the situation:

What I was told was that the witnesses were not conclusive, it was one person’s word against the other, but Gulak was bad publicity, so he got whacked. I don’t know that he’s been fired, but when I ask, it’s like, if he hasn’t been he probably will be. It’s not looking good for him, let’s put it that way.

Drew Gulak is still listed on WWE’s roster page at the time of writing but he has not competed in any matches since Rousey’s comments.

h/t WrestleTalk