WWE Star Pokes Fun At AEW Segment

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A segment that aired on AEW Dynamite made one notable WWE star think of a failed gimmick.

The rivalry between the AEW World Champion MJF and the mysterious “Devil” character continues to receive a lot of attention on AEW Dynamite, including on the November 29th episode.

After the AEW World Champion MJF delivered a promo talking about how he was going to find out who was wearing the Devil mask and take them out, the lights went off in the arena and when they came back on, there were people in black outfits wearing masks. They attacked MJF briefly until Samoa Joe made the save.

There was also a video appearance of The Devil masked character, but they did not appear in the arena.

AEW’s Masked Characters Remind WWE’s Corey Graves Of Retribution

While AEW Dynamite was on the air on November 29th, WWE’s Smackdown & Premium Live Event announcer Corey Graves tweeted a simple question: “Retribution?”

What Graves was referring to was the failed WWE stable that featured wrestlers wearing masks during their attacks. The stable lasted from August 2020 to March 2021 in the Pandemic Era of WWE when there were no fans in attendance.

Some of the members of the Retribution included former WWE superstar Mustafa Ali, Dijak (now in NXT), Mia Yim (aka Michin on Smackdown) and others.

Retribution will be remembered as a failed group rather than a stable that wrestling fans are going to remember fondly.